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Secular ritual & spirituality

I'm new to this community, though I see no one's posted in a while, so I'm not sure who's here. I'm interested in talking with people about secularized and interspiritual ritual. More specifically, I've worked the past years to learn how to craft rituals in an earth-based/pagan style that is very inclusive and participatory. And the emphasis is largely on personal growth, or acknowledging rites of passage, or building community. The magic is seen as changing consciousness.

Largely, the rituals that I've had the honor to be a part of are from the Reclaiming or Diana's Grove community, and participants are not required to view the deities as actual gods or goddesses; participants can work with them as archetypes from myth. Ritual can be approached more as a psychological process.

I'm interested in taking this the next step, to finding ways that ritual, using the deep, rich language of mythology, can blend with modern depth psychology to lead to our wholeness. I'm going to be pursuing some formal education in psychology to facilitate some of this, but I'm curious what ritual experience some of you might have, and how you're using it, how it crosses over.

I'd like to be able to offer rituals that are based in the structure/form of earth-based tradition, but that are actually interspiritual, and allow for a secular approach. That an agnostic could stand side by side with a gnostic Christian and a Pagan and a Buddhist, and everyone could get what they needed out of the ritual.

Anyone have any experiences or insights into this?
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