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secularspirit's Journal

"Secular Spiritualism, Ritual Beyond Religion"
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This community is intended to discuss a subject I find fascinating: the use of ritual to enrich our lives that does not directly pertain to religious rites or observances. By religious I mean pertaining to the belief in a deity or deities, or in accordance with some other codified spiritual belief system, such as buddism. I'm looking for rituals that heal, inspire, rejuvenate, cleanse and do many other things for us without be centered around any particular belief system.

I myself am an atheist, a 'spiritual atheist'. I have a system of beliefs, a code of morality, a heiarchy of values and thoughts about what is good and bad for me, as well as various and sundry other references to the not yet explainable. Simply, I do have faith. But my faith is not related to any god or any formal religion, but instead entirely reliant on my own ideas and observations and instincts about life and its meaning.

Coming from this perspective it is easy to see how most of my rituals are 'secular'. I do have some more 'religious' rituals, and I'll discuss them if it comes up, but I'm most interested in rituals that anyone can use or adapt to their own beliefs, and particularly, how people go about creating rituals that have meaning to them. I'm also interested in people's opinions about whether ritual without religion is missing the point, and whether you feel that belief in the supernatural to some extent is essential to 'proper' or effective ritual.

I think rituals are vital to people's lives, many of you may think otherwise. I welcome comment, gentle banter, discussion and questioning on all aspects of rituals. Please do not post or comment here if you want to be spiteful, argumentative, rude, evangelical or dismissive.