Pendulum Swinger (djinneth) wrote in secularspirit,
Pendulum Swinger

Dark and Light

Inspired by lemurling's Howling at the Dark ritual last year (friends locked, so some won't be able to see it, ask me for details), and hopefully to fill the need it satisfied for some of us, I have decided to hold a similar (though markedly unique) ritual at the same beach as the solstice approaches. Below is the notice I will be crossposting to my friendslist and the secularspirit communities:

Please come and celebrate the coming of earth’s darkest day.

As the world once again begins her journey into light, let us prepare for our own movement toward hope, warmth, and new beginnings. Our darker days will soon be behind us.

In the footsteps of the Howling at the Dark ritual that was held last year, but with new dimensions to fit the changing season, we will again be meeting on Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz on Monday, December 19th around 6PM. More info about the site can be found here.

We will have a roaring fire in which to cast remnants of things you would like to let go of or banish from your life. The fire will heal and warm us as we drink warm cider and pay our respects to the passing of the light. There will also be a way for you to carry the light of that fire with you when you leave, to keep your new intention burning.

Please bring:
  • Warm clothing

  • Something to sit on

  • Any items you would like to cleanse in the ocean or cast into the fire

  • Any instruments or drums if you would like to make music

  • If you have a poem or passage or song to share around the fire, please bring it. You will by no means be required to speak, this would be entirely voluntary.

  • Firewood

  • An accepting attitude about being in a sacred space. To quote Thea - "You don't have to participate in anything, but this isn't a place to talk about gaming, or bring up problems with anyone there. It's a place to cleanse and be comforted and hopefully laugh and have a good time."

  • If you would like to bring something to eat or drink to add to the solstice feast, please do.

In case of rain, we will be meeting at my place in San Mateo. I have an overhang and big patio and will have a place to burn items and a warm fire inside.

Hope to see you there!
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