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I found this group today and read through the past posts. It has really given me some things to think about. Thank you.

I'm a Christan so most of my rituals involve my religion but not all of them. There is a need for rituals in other parts of my life too. I think that they can be sacred and they can be common and everyday existing to ground you in the here and now.

Years ago I read a book 'Living a Beautiful Life' by Alexandra Stoddard. She devoted a chapter to creating personal rituals. I gave it a try and it did help me. As my life has changed most of my rituals have been dropped as they no longer hold the meaning that they once did. The one that I have held onto the most started as a personal New Year's ritual but is now celebrated as a birthday ritual. I don't have a name for it but basically each year I give myself a gift that no one else can give me. It is something that I really want or need.

This year has been the gift of Courage. For the year I have tried to focus on going past my comfort zone, accomplishing the things that I've wanted to but never had the nerve to do. I bought a silver kenji charm for courage that I can wear to remind me. I keep a journal and try to do daily, weekly and monthly exercises. I've considered what the concept of courage is not just to me but in other cultures and in history. Over the years I've done similar things for Creativity, Romance, Freedom and some others. Success has varied but even the attempt has gotten me further than I was and I often come out of year with added discoveries and unintended benefits. I've been thinking of going back and finding a charm symbol for each of my previous years and making a bracelet out of them that I can add to.

My life has changed again. I really should think about designing some everyday rituals to help me get through it.
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