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Eggomancy, or, divination by candy and toys???

It has just been brought to my attention that my Sacred Egg Day festivities (about to be upon us), have been missing a key component. After we dance with the Sacred Egg upon our heads, in whatever fashion of dance we find to be pleasing, we tear the Egg apart with our hands (or bash it upon a table edge, attack it with knives, whatever seems necessary and right) and then feast upon its candy entrails and otherwise play with the guts.

However, and this is a glaring ommission, we do not first READ the entrails for insight into what magic our spring, summer, and overall growing times might mean. What fun and surprises, what potentialities so present in the egg, that we might encounter in the coming year, all are lost, because we don't stop to contemplate before eating the chocolate. This must not continue!

However, being very far from a student of such things, I must beg my more religiously and ritually competent associates (and anyone else with an opinion, serious, sarcastic, or silly) for help in this endeavor. How does one read entrails? What sorts of things should I be looking for? I think there's something about shapes and patterns and intersections, but I need some concrete clues, some divination tips and tricks.

Some factors of the ritual that might be pertinent.
  • The Egg is generally shared among several people, so its reading should encompass a wider scope than just one person.
  • The Egg is pretty large, bigger than a head, in fact, big enough that it can rest comfortably on most people's head's with a dignified plop.
  • I can put anything I like inside the egg, in addition to the usual small toys and candy and things of spring, that would aid in making the Egg Entrail Reading more workable.
  • The Egg is painted with colors and sometimes symbols. It's generally torn into pieces, and I usually keep a small piece, but not the whole shell, as a token.
  • There is an egg hunt aspect to the day that involves a different color for each person there, that might be useful.
  • The whole meaning of the day is to enjoy what is, what can be, what we don't know, fun, and sugar.
This probably sounds really stupid, or irreverant, to people who take divination seriously. But I am serious in my question. I think divination is great stuff, even though for me the point is to use it to reveal what is inside, rather than really getting messages from outside. But I have no problem with invoking a little woo, it's mysterious, and that's the whole point. So I really would love anyone's ideas about silly or serious ways to read the future from what comes out of essentially a pinata. Or pointers toward divination sites that I might be able to assimilate into a new way of reading.
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How about putting a handful of those refrigerator poetry magnets inside?